Infosilem Inc.

Our success story began with a passionate vision!

University Professor and mathematician Jacques Melis worked for many years on various ways to improve the student experience in higher education. One initial goal was to leverage the power of technology to automate the production of fair and equitable course and exam schedules for all students.

After 15 years of research and development in optimization algorithms, Infosilem was founded in 1987. The resulting success of our first clients built the foundation for Infosilem to become the leading provider of sophisticated software solutions that we are today.

Infosilem now helps institutions of higher education around the world adopt better business practices, automate and generate optimal course, exam, and student schedules, as well as efficiently manage all scheduling operations through our campus scheduling solutions.

We are proud of our history and are committed to continuing the work started by our founder.

Our Experience with Higher Education Institutions

With over 400 implementations under our belt, we have an established record of academic and campus scheduling expertise, project implementation and technical support. We value the long-standing and close relationships that we have established with the higher education institutions that we have been working with over the years. We are committed to excellence in developing innovative, efficient solutions tailored to their needs.

We view scheduling as a mission, a critical function on campus and strive to develop robust, reliable software solutions that have now been successfully implemented in over 150 institutions around the world. The results of our efforts have been a well-defined scheduling process with supporting software which permits colleges and universities to manage their scheduling operations in an optimal fashion while meeting the requirements of the students, professors, rooms and the campus community as a whole.

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