Infosilem Inc.
Consulting, training, guiding, improving: our dedicated team focuses on helping you gain in operational efficiency and achieve success every step of the way.

Infosilem will be with you every step of the way from initial project kickoffs to dedicated support! Our teams of implementation experts have over 500 projects under their belts with a commitment to seeing our products succeed in your environment!

Pre-Scheduling Analysis

Want to know how good your current schedule is; how well your currently using your space; will you have enough space to schedule this semester's courses; or how diligent your departments are at staying on the institution's pattern system? Infosilem can answer all of these questions and many more with our pre-scheduling analysis!

Expert Consulting Services

With over 25 years in the business Infosilem knows a lot about scheduling! We have proven methodologies to ensure success in every project we undertake. We have the right people to help you analyze your scheduling functions, help you develop sound scheduling policies, or guide a renewal of your operations.

Gold Standard Support

We are just a phone call away! Our support staff are always ready to help with any issue you may be facing.

Post-Scheduling Analysis

Ensure that our solutions are actually making a difference! Infosilem offers post-scheduling checkups to verify the quality of the schedule you have produced with our solutions.

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